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What's up chillin's? I do agree with Ashley that this community needs major lovin...and since that is EXACTLY what i do best, i'm bringing it back to life....because that's my President of the people *band people* that is.

Just so y'all know, next year we are losing Christina, so i need a vice-president to faithfully stand by me, if i am so elected.... *COUGH*ASHLEYWOODALL*COUGH...ahh, but i think us officers definetly need some testosterone, so i'm thinking RJ needs to join up hahaha.

WELL I've been doing some planning with the boosters over the band banquet, and it's definetly going to fabulous. "Hollywood Nights" you have to dress up as your favorite movie star, and we are even going to give away Oscars and awards, it's gonna be fun. So if any you have any ideas, feel free to bring them up to me, cause the boosters have to listen to what i say, not only am i president of the people, but i am the mouth of the people *band people* that is.

ANYWAYS, everyone needs to write in little entries from now on, cause i'm not that interesting. SO COME ON KIDS DON'T LET ME DOWN!!!!!

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